The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences is centrally located in Copenhagen at the Northern University Campus (Nørre Campus) in the part of the city called Østerbro. The faculty is situated at the corner of the streets Nørre Allé and Universitetsparken with the park Fælledparken as it's closest neighbour.

The Natural Sciences (H. C. Ørsted Instituttet and August Krogh Instituttet) and the rest of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (Panum Instituttet) at the University of Copenhagen are also located at the Northern Campus.


University of Copenhagen
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Universitetsparken 2
DK - 2100 Copenhagen
Telefone: +45 35 33 60 00
Fax: 3+45 5 33 60 01
E-mail: farma(at)farma.ku.dk
Homepage: www.pharmaschool.ku.dk

Public transportation

Buses 18, 42, 43, 184, 185, 173E og 150S stop at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

All busses except bus 18 pass Nørreport train and metro station (10 minutes ride). Busses for Nørreport station depart approximately every 10 minutes. 

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Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
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University of Copenhagen
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Universitetsparken 2
2100 Copenhagen

Phone +45 35 33 60 00
Fax +45 35 33 60 01
Mail pharmaschool@sund.ku.dk
Web www.farma.ku.dk